About Us

Kupu Kupu Garden Guest House & Cafe  Accommodation @ Kupu-Kupu Garden Guest House & Cafe, activities, tours & transport around Bukit Lawang & North Sumatra, Indonesia.

A brief story about Jeff the creator of Kupu Kupu Garden Guest House & Cafe. He was born in Medan. Moved to Jakarta at 8 years old. Regularly holidayed in North Sumatra during his childhood. Went to Bali in the 1970s and enjoyed the beach life working with travellers, learning to speak English. He was then offered a job in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan teaching Indonesian to ex-pat oil field employees. Jeff then became a radio operator for UNOCAL76. While on holidays in Bali he had the opportunity to go to Australia and proceeded to live in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne for over 30 years. Jeff travelled to Indonesia and other Asian countries regularly. He decided to move back to North Sumatra in 2009 and started the building of Kupu-kupu Garden Guest House & Cafe in Bukit Lawang. Jeff worked with local Bukit Lawang people to create and operate the small boutique eco-friendly guest house business and to provide jungle adventures to travellers/tourists from all over the world. Jeff created a unique place that will provide you with a unique experience. A true jungle adventure, a memory forever!  At Kupu-Kupu Garden Guest House & Cafe, Jeff and his team of local workers focused on providing tourism services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. During Covid-19 international tourism ceased in Bukit Lawang and unfortunately on 23rd November 2021 Jeff passed away in Medan. Kupu-Kupu Garden Guest House & Cafe is currently being looked after and managed by some loyal long term workers Risky, Arif, Juli & Meri who continue to offer a great service to their local and international customers.