Travelling to Bukit Lawang

Transport Services
Travelling to Medan
Transport options

To get to MEDAN the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia's 4th largest city, you can fly into Kuala Namu International

Airport (KNO) near MEDAN from the international airports of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta and several Indonesian domestic airports. You can either use a travel agency or on-line booking services to organise your flight/s. International or domestic Garuda and Air Asia flights can be booked on-line and are usually a good price. Lion Air, Super Jet, Batik Air, City Link are also on-line domestic Indonesian services that can be used.
 *** When organising flights in and out of Medan it is recommend that you arrive early - mid morning and leave on a late afternoon or evening flight - if you don't want to stay overnight in Medan. An early arrival will give you plenty of time to travel to the Bukit Lawang village, walk to Kupu kupu Garden and settle into your room before the sun sets. An afternoon departure means you do not have to leave before the sun rises in order to get to the airport in time.

From Kualanamu International Airport (KNO) Medan to Bukit Lawang
Transport options

Travel time from Kualanamu International airport (KNO) to the Bukit Lawang Village is approx. 4 hours depending on the traffic conditions. A private, air-conditioned car can pick you up from the airport for 800,000 IDR. 

Or you can make your own way to Bukit Lawang on public transport. If you need to stay overnight in Medan there is a variety of hotels and places to eat and shop.

From Medan to Bukit Lawang
From Medan city (hotels) to the Bukit Lawang village (90km west of Medan) the travel time is approx. 3 hours. There are a few different transport options available with varying costs, comfort, time and adventure:-
A private, air-conditioned car can pick you up from your hotel and drop you in the Bukit Lawang village for 700,000 IDR.
You can arrange your own taxi from Medan (make sure the driver knows the way to Bukit Lawang)
Or of course you can make your own way to Bukit Lawang on public transport. You get to experience the local mini-bus! When you arrive at the Bukit Lawang bus stop you need to hire a motorbike becak to take you to the Bukit Lawang village.

From Bukit Lawang village to Kupu Kupu Garden Guest House & Cafe
We can meet you at the car drop off area in the Bukit Lawang village

After arriving in the Bukit Lawang village, walk up-stream along the Bohorok River (10 minutes past Jungle Inn). Take your time and enjoy your adventure until you reach Kupu Kupu Garden, it is about a 30- 40 minute walk.

 ***If you require assistance with carrying your luggage porter/s will meet you at the car/ becak drop off area in the Bukit Lawang village. 

(50,000 IDR per heavy piece of luggage during daylight hours or 75.000 IDR - 100.000 IDR after dark)

Other Transport Services

We can help you organise private car transport to or from other destinations around North Sumatra, including: Tangkahan, Berastagi & Lake Toba …
Around North Sumatra
Continuing your journey we can help you organise transport to other destinations around North Sumatra:


Tangkahan - Elephant Sanctuary a 2 hour drive from Bukit Lawang

Hot Springs

A 4 - 6 hour scenic drive from Bukit Lawang.

Lake Toba
Explore the Batak Toba culture

relax & explore on Samosir Island in the middle of the lake